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Well, ho-lee crap, I forgot about elowel!

Its been quite awhile since I posted on this old thing.

I think I'm going to repurpose this from an emo "My girl friend dumped me waaahhh" journal into a production diary of sorts.

For starters, I now live here:


I moved down here a little over a week ago to go to school at the Academy of Art University, majoring in Motion Pictures and Television with a focus on Directing.

More to come soon. If anyone on here is in San Francisco, let me know! I know pretty much no one here, and am incredibly bored.
I cannot believe my eyes 04-15-10 06:13
She corrected me, and I replied "Ah, see, you threw me off there..."

"That's my job." She quipped.

More than she'll ever know.

I'm tailing someone tomorrow.


Straight up private eye style. I don't want to get into any details, but the guy owes someone a shit ton of money and I have to follow him to see where he goes all day to help a lawyer build a case. My friend and I are staking out his house at 7 am and then following him by car all day.

I am super stoked.

It's taking an incredible amount of self control not to dress up in a trench coat and fedora. However, there will be smoking. Lots of it. So i guess thats acceptable.

so long... 08-04-08 01:34




Photobucket!?!?! why?!?!?!
I got to the theater to get in line for the 12:01 IMAX at around 2:30 in the afternoon. My roommate had been holding our spot since around noon, and so we were the first in line. Yes, I was first in line to the only IMAX theater in Portland (and im pretty sure Oregon...OMNIMAX doesnt count), and while the theater was fairly slow until around 7:30, it picked up by 8, and was in full madhouse swing by 9. I wore my Harvey Dent campaign shirt I got from the rally and my Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham half-burned harvey dent pin, and of course, green hair and Joker makeup.

I will not go into the film itself, other than to say that every review from hardcore fans like myself were correct in saying it will leave someone like me speechless. For someone who has been a Batman fan my entire life (my first Halloween costume when i was 3 was Batman), and someone who really came into the more intricate plot threads of the comics later in high school, and who was blown away so whole heartedly by the perfection that was Batman Begins that the inevitable sequel staring his favorite character (Mr. J) has been on his mind literally everyday since, and who has participated fully in the viral campaigns for this film since their beginning, th film could do nothing but leave me speechless.

I literally couldn't stand up. As the credits were rolling I tried a good 4 or 5 times to stand up, but couldn't. I tried to formulate words, but stumbled and gave up.

For a non-Batman fan, I think the best way to describe what this film is to me would be to picture your favorite tale of all time. It can be Shakespeare, a legendary football play, a Stephen King thriller, a Brothers Grimm bedtime story. Now imagine your ideal telling of it. The movie you would make if you had a limitless budget and could pick form any actor living or dead at any point in their life and you had every great director sitting behind you answering all your questions. If you had no limits. Now imagine that film, and imagine someone else made it, and made it even better than you could have even possibly conceived.

Thats not even a fair description of what the Dark Knight is to me. I'm still speechless. I want to go back to the theater and rewatch it right now. and then again and again and again until it comes out on DVD, when I can pick it apart scene by scene and line by line.

OK, enough rambling. If you have not yet seen this movie or at least made plans to see it, go now. If its sold out either by someone else's ticket from them for more money or get in line. Or break into the Theater and watch it. Just do it. Now.
I'm in a downer mood as of late so I thought I'd jump back on here and ramble at you guys for a bit.

I have to quit my job at eWorks. Its not paying nearly enough for me to survive on. I don't think I've talked about it on here. The company I work for does market research for movie studios, testing trailers and commercials on general audiences. Sounds cool. It's not. I'm the third highest ranking person in the company in Portland, and on Wednesday I'm the highest ranking person working. Looks good on a resume, but i need to get out soon. I've been thinking about quitting for awhile, some of the shit we have to do is ridiculous, and when I got my last paycheck it sealed it. It was less than half of what I was expecting to get.

Found out the girl who I was crushing on and lead me on a little while ago was hooking up with one of my fraternity brothers. And he lied to my face about it, twice. He's a brother from another chapter who moved here and is going to affiliate with us in the fall. Some of his actions are making me seriously question if I want him as part of this chapter. He's been spreading dissent and doing things that could potentially divide the chapter pretty bad (apparently something he did at his last school), and that was before last night when i found out about him lying to me. This whole fraternity thing only works if you trust your brothers.

Its hard to describe to someone not in Greek life what being in a fraternity means to its members. I didn't understand it at all when I lived here last summer. All my old friends had a pretty big laugh when they heard that I joined a fraternity. I was pretty much the anti "frat guy" all through high school and beginning of college. I like to think that I still am. But now I understand. Its definitely something you have to be a part of to understand. Suffice it to say that I would trust any of my brothers with my life, unflinchingly.

That trust is a very key part of all this working. So when a new guy comes in sowing distrust, its a problem. Especially for the Executive Committee, the five guys who run the chapter, of which I am a part, because we have to deal with it. I feel terrible for my roommate Tiny. He's our Grand Master of Ceremonies (I'm the grand treasurer), and one of his jobs is to ensure everyones getting along. So a lot of this falls on his lap, unjustly.

Anyways, thats my rant about that stuff. I have more to say, but as this is growing lengthy, you'll all have to wait in hushed suspense until the follow up post.

I think I just feel disillusioned with life right now.

So close... 06-22-08 18:28
That girl (who i spoke of last post) and I have been getting along fairly well. against my better judgement I thought i could do the whole "just friends" thing.

I was wrong.

I think I was probably just hoping she'd want to get together a ways down the road.

She invited me to go out for drinks with her and her friends last week, and we ended up just drinking at her place and playing What the Fuck. And she ended up making out with one of her friend's friends. and I left.

I havent talked to her since. I've been trying to avoid her. Tough to do when we're both in greek life during Greek Olympics where as a leading member of my chapter I'm expected to attend as many events as possible, all of which shes at. So at said events I usually just exused myself to the bathroom or for a cigarette as often as possible to get away from her. mature, I know.


Made out with one of my exes on thursday. and talked a lot. it was nice seeing her. last time I saw her it was with a bunch of her friends, and they spent the whole time talking about how awesome acid was. this time it was pretty much just us and we spent the whole night geeking out about all the stuff we used to. I missed that. we always had so much fun together. after drunkenly making out we talked about what happened between us and why we havent talked in so long.

it was kind of nerve racking, because it felt like we were quickly getting back together. part of me really wants to, and probably always will, but theres a nagging voice in the back of my mind reminding me that it wont work. Shes different. Stoner doesnt even begin to describe how much she apparently smokes now (she didnt when we were going out) and shes now into acid. when we're together by ourselves, its amazing. our personalities just fit. more so than even with the all important ex 1.0, and that may be why seeing her make such a drastic change when shes with other people kills me.

We hung out again on friday and it was kind've akward. we snuggled on the couch and fell asleep on eachother towards the end, then i took her home and we had kind of an akward goodbye. havent talked to her since. so i guess i dont have to worry about whether or not we're getting back together.

but why doesnt it feel like i've dodged a bullet?


sorry for the stupidly long post, just had a lot to get off my chest

in other news, i'm debating driving to seattle tomorrow (today?). Theres a huge scavenger hunt for the Dark Knight viral campaign. Anyone on here bored and want to join me? i know at least a few people on here are in seattle. let me know, give me a call (503)453-2621, its taking place at 5:30 pm. www.whysoserious,com/itsallpartoftheplan for the start of this hunt, and you can check out the wiki here to get caught up:

Hold On 03-30-08 02:13
Shit hath hiteth the fan.

I have had a really shitty weekend when it should've been an awesome one.

Things seem to be going downhill really quickly in nearly all aspects of my life. I guess it's 'cause things have looked up for so long that things seem so bad now. I guess I didn't really realize how well things were going. They weren't all that spectacular, but at least nothing catastrophic was happening.

I hung out with two of my exes this week, and once with both of them at the same time, but thats another story and a kind of akward I'm not going to go into. Anyways, for the most part this was good. Bittersweet, but good. I absolutely adore one of my exes' son. He makes my day every time I see him.

Seeing the exes was cool, until I learned one of them decided to become an acid junkie. Awesome. Things proceeded to get worse from there.

Last night the girl I like almost got raped. Had she not had the foresight to place something heavey in front of her door, the guy who opened it and tried to get in while she was sleeping would've succeeded.

Then today I get my grades, and low and behold, I have failed miserably. So what do my parents do when they find out about my crapfest of a score card? Cut off. Completely. No tuition, no rent, no food money, no car. The no car thing is the worst. Why, you ask? Because I finally got a job, but it requires me to go to Vancouver. So far taking the bus to 82nd for training sucks. I'm not sure I can even take the bus to Vancouver.

So I am broke, lonely, soon to be without a job again, with out a means to go to school, and bad shit is happening to people I care about.

I want to crawl in to a corner and forget about everything.


More on my parents later. This is too long.
Why is it ok for girls to lead guys on, but not vice versa? I guess its part of the general double standard that is heterosexual relationships. how does this work in homosexual relationships? Is there someone thats always right the way girls are in straight relationships? I'm curious.

Anyways, the girl i spoke of in the last post, who I have since fallen stupidly for, pretty much "dumped" me today. at least thats how it felt. The past week and a half or so we actually started acting like a couple, holding hands, kissing, what-have-you. Then the past couple days she's been kinda distant. So i finally worked up the courage to ask her what the hell's going on today, and her response was that she didnt want a boyfriend friend right now, and that while she enjoyed kissing me, she is sorry if she "lead me on".

Oh well. At least it being St. Paddy's, no one will notice the excessive amount of drinking I am currently doing as out of the norm.

Happy St. Patrick's elowel!

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